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5 tips to review your Quality Management System

Effective Implementation of QMS

This is the right time to review QMS by quality managers as most of the Indian companies are planning their in April and May months. Also the work load is lesser in these months as compare to other months of the FY.

Is your QMS effectively implemented? Are you able to achieve desired targets? Are you able to enhance your customer's satisfaction level from previous year?

You have automated results regarding effectiveness of your QMS by reviewing following KPI's

  1. Ownership - Your employees are actively participating in improvement activities, problem solving activities.

  2. Process outcome - Your process outcome is stable or increasing month by month or any other suitable time interval.

  3. Customer returns - Your customer returns are decreased or in control.

  4. Cost Improvement Plan - Quality team is spending more time on CIP activities rather than problem solving.

  5. Audit results - Your audit results are indicating a regular update of process SOP and other working documents.

These 5 areas are providing you regular and automated indication if your QMS is effectively implemented or not. you don;t have to spend any extra time or other additional efforts to access the effectiveness status of you QMS.

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