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HM Consulting provides various types of training related to (ISO 9001) quality management system,(ISO 14001) environment management system, (ISO 45001) occupational health & safety management, 5’S, waste management, Lean Manufacturing, Problem solving techniques, quality improvements, (ISO 13485) Quality Management Standard for Medical Devices, (ISO 14971) Risk Management Techniques for Medical Devices and other topics as per organization’s need.

The training training contents are designed as per ISO system guidelines and we try to include real work environment situations/cases, group activities, Interactive discussion sessions and other activities as per training program.

HM Consulting, design the training event for organizations as well as individual persons/groups. In the organizational training programs the customer organization has the full flexibility to choose the training topic, type i.e. certificate based or without certification and obviously the training venue is organized by the organization as convenient. Whereas the individual person/group training has the limited flexibility i.e. selection of training type i.e. certificate based or without certification & the delivery method either online or classroom. All the contents for both the training events are same. Below is the HM Consulting training portfolio:

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