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Improving Business with Operational Excellence

Effective LEAN Implementation


Every Business fulfils its customer needs to their best satisfaction. This is the foundation for every business that grows in today's market.

Operational Excellence:

In the competitive edge of business, every corporate strive hard to optimize,

1. Productivity

2. Eliminate Waste (Increasing bottom line)

3. Add Value

People are the linchpin for every business success.

How to motivate and engage the team in our operations?

How to improve the productivity of our team?

What kind of training truly improves the capability of the team? What's the end benefits realized?

How to identify the inherent wastes in the process and eliminate?

What kind of Scientific or Statistical tools can be used for problem-solving?

Business operations are not limited to the function of the departments independently. How well each internal customers connected matters a lot in business stability.

Let's review certain concepts related to deploying Excellence in the business of operations

  1. EHS: The reputation & sustainability of the business lies in this. Everyone is responsible. The capability of Hazard Identification and Risk Mitigation strengthen this.

  2. Quality: In everything we do, not alone in the products that we make.

  3. GEMBA: Go and observe the process/operations to identify the waste that needs elimination.

  4. Kaizen: Continuous Improvement - every day taking next best step.

  5. Standardize: It's all starting from standardizing everything that we do.

  6. Metrics: We can't improve those that cannot be measured. Establish the metrics other than Sales, WIP and finance.

  7. Problem Solving: Right approach at the right time reduce the impacts

  8. Coaching Kata: Learn through walking towards Targets.

  9. Team Development: Talent development and retention adds greater value to the business.

  10. Daily Management Controls & Visual Managements: One glance should tell the complete story of the current status of operations and the vision company have for the future.

Where there is a will, there is a way. A small step towards excellency today will be a greater success for tomorrow.

Sharing the knowledge we gained is the BIGGEST WASTE ELIMINATION.

Let's meet in future blogs to understand one by one concept.

It's my pleasure if I add value to one's growth.

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