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Surprised while Interviewing the person...

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


I am quite new to writing blogs. More than 20 years of experience thought me many good lessons. Mostly, I myself make it more complicated to express what would like to share and how to do that.

Not sharing the Knowledge was added to one of the LEAN wastes.

Wanna start everything with perfection!!!

Forget any achievements...

Let me start with something I came across my career path.

Most of the supervisors and managers expect the team force work under him will turn the hill upside down over the night. Me too think so...

It's I think 4 years back, I was in the need of an Electrical Maintenance Engineer for my manufacturing unit. As usual, getting resumes through HR consultancies and known references.

I generally prefer the person who is willing to learn and do their best for the company. Experience is not much focused. And I try to know the part 'Willing to Learn and do" with every candidate.

One guy who had completed a Diploma and B.Tech Electrical Engineering having 3 years of experience applied for the post. But not having any relevant experience in Electrical Maintenance. I called the candidate for a face-to-face interview.

During the introduction, the candidate told me, "Sir! I am very much interested in Electrical Engineering & Maintenance job. But, every company seeks experienced candidate for the such job. So, I couldn't keep my experience in that field. I would have done excellently if opportunities were given in Electrical Field'

I can understand that everyone doesn't get an opportunity in the same field of what they have studied or got qualified. Few heroes tap the opportunity to achieve. Most people cannot prove their strength unless they have been given with platform to perform.

I truly value the second one on providing the stage to show the performance. But beforehand I evaluate how best the person utilized the stages that were availed to them.

Here's my question goes to him...

'Yeah!, I understand that Prasad (No real name). I am good to provide opportunities even for fresher. But I would like to understand a bit more about the strength in your education qualification not an experience."

Candidate agreed.

This guy doesn't get field opportunities to learn Electrical maintenance. I thought of testing his educational knowledge to understand how truly he is thirst for learning and do apply in real life.

I questioned him...

'I give you 100 Watts bulb and you fix it in your home. If you keep this bulb 'ON' for 10 hours, how much energy it would have consumed and how much you paid for electricity for this bulb?'

I am truly surprised with his answer...

'Sir! as I told you I didn't got any opportunity to work in the Electrical field, hence I don't know'

What is blameworthy for this...

  • The quality of education the person got?

  • The guidance for the person he got from his surroundings?

  • The willingness and effort to learn?

  • An opportunity not provided as he was the fresh candidate?

It's not only limited to the persons not having relevant experience. I saw candidates not able to answer the basics from which they came from more experience.

  • Is it due to people development in the organization is not strong enough?

We need people to get things moving and keep it live and success.

Very few organizations give importance on training the workforce to meet business needs and offer career development.

Business need and career development go in hand with hand.

Identifying right person for right job and developing their skill continually will add great advantage for any business in the long run.

Let's invest on people development that will bring sustainable returns in our business on the long run.

What are all different ways that can be adopted to develop workforce at a low cost...

Let me write something about that in the future.

Share your valuable thoughts from your perspective.

Comments whether 'Positive' or 'Negative' from you is always a fertilizer to write better blogs in the future.


We are there to help for developing workforce...

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